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Andrew Willoughby

Experience in Manufacturing, Mining, Food production, Maintenance, Service industry.

More than 20 years working in and on businesses in the manufacturing, maintenance, operations and management roles has exposed me to a diverse range of industries. I can offer insights into industry best practice and innovation. 

Qualifications in Management, Engineering, Project Management and Maintenance.

My qualifications provide my strong theory background but nothing compares to the years of experience working with high performing teams to provide the practical and logical approach to problem solving and thinking outside the norm.

I enjoy purposeful change and the challenges that it brings while still respecting history and culture. There is nothing better than mentoring and coaching up-and-coming leaders and sharing my experiences, mistakes, wins and learnings.

Personally I enjoy spending time with my family and travelling to interesting and out of the way places.

DISC (Behavioural Analysis) Certified Trainer

Andrew Portrait

“I am passionate about seeing businesses and individuals become agile and responsive to the ever changing operating environment and ultimately, surprise themselves by their own capabilities and what they can achieve.”


My Blueprint For Success

Move Forward

Continuous Improvement

Life-long Learning

Give It Your All


Listening & Caring

  • Always show respect
  • Who’s outcome is this?
  • Work as a team to achieve to best outcomes
  • Attuned to what the situation demands


  • Think outside the box
  • Every idea has merit, investigate it!
  • Best practice is a starting point
  • Actively seek innovation and effective change 

Common Sense

  • Make it practical, easy to use and easy to explain
  • It has to be fit for this purpose
  • Do what you say when you say
  • Communicate effectively and simply



  • Accept the challenge
  • Push to the finish line
  • Make it happen
  • Leave the ego at the door


Do it ethically and morally right

Well done good and faithful servant   Matt 25:23


Package Offerings

business operations health check

I would be honoured to come and look at your business operations and work with you to identify areas of opportunity to improve and areas of excellence to expand.

crisis care

Let me work with you if your operation is struggling and together let’s find a way to restructure and turn it around. I will support you and help you through the decision-making process.

business stability

Let me help you stabilise and secure your operations for the longer term. I assist with reviewing resources, continuous improvement opportunities, culture change and business continuity planning.

growth icon

growth opportunities

Do you need support in seeking innovative products and ways of operating or are you looking to become more agile/flexible to respond to the changes in the operating environment? I have the experience to assist with these endeavours. Can I assist with mentoring or coaching you or your team in leadership, and getting the very best from you team?

other offerings icon

other offerings

Manufacturing reviews, lean reviews, tools and training, conflict resolution, restructuring advice, coaching, mentoring.

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